The Forest Glen site has seen a lot of change over the past hundred years.
Imagine being here in 1920... that is when loggers were clearing the dense 
forest along the lakes and rivers in Muskoka.  Several mills operated in the region to
cut the wood, which was shipped to various parts of Ontario and New York State.

During this time the Tin Man General Store was born and it provided loggers and the locals with a convenient shop for food items, tools and odds and ends.  The demand from loggers for accommodation on a seasonal basis led to the erection of small cabins in the area.  Dams were built that generated electricity, and the Trent Severn Waterway  - construction of which began in 1833 - was completed.

Decades later as logging came to an end, the next stage of Forest Glen's history was just beginning.  With it's natural beauty, the site became a focus for tourism.  The original Tin Man General Store was completely rebuilt and expanded, and a meeting room and conference facility was developed.

In 2004, Lee and Debra Nefsky, who had a special affinity for Muskoka, and who work closely with persons with disabilities, redevelop the historic Forest Glen site into the first privately owned, fully accessible and barrier-free family resort in Ontario, all the while, preserving its  natural beauty.  Even now, that sense of history is palpable; every year people arrive to take pictures of their grandchildren alongside the Tin Man, just as they had been photographed with him when they were kids.

Forest Glen is today, as it has always been; a crown jewel on the Trent Severn Waterway in the heart of the Ontario Cottage Country, just waiting to be explored.