Directions from Pearson International Airport to
Forest Glen Family Villa Resort
1959 Peninsula Point Road
Severn Bridge, Ontario, Canada, P0E 1N0

  • Depart on Renforth Dr (North)  0.7 km
  • Turn RIGHT (South) onto Carlingview Dr  0.9 km
  • Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto HWY-401  3.8 km
  • Keep RIGHT onto HWY-401 3.2 km
  • At exit 359, keep RIGHT onto Ramp  0.4 km
  • Take Ramp (LEFT) onto HWY-400   83.5 km
  • Keep LEFT onto HWY-11     43.1 km
  • Turn RIGHT (East) onto Ramp, then immediately 
  • Turn RIGHT (South) onto Goldstein Rd     0.2 km
  • Bear RIGHT (South) onto Local road(s)   0.0 km
  • Bear RIGHT (West) onto Goldstein Rd  0.6 km
  • Turn LEFT (North) onto S Sparrow Lake Rd  6.9 km
  • Turn RIGHT (East) onto Peninsula Point Rd   0.2 km

Total Distance:     144.2 km (89.6 miles)
Estimated Time:    1 hour and 39 minutes

Directions South from Gravenhurst

  • South on Hwy 11  23.4 km
  • Bear RIGHT (North) onto S Sparrow Lake Road  7.0 km
  • Turn RIGHT (East) onto Peninsula Point Rd  0.2 km

Total Distance:     32.3 km (20.1 miles)
Estimated Time:    26 minutes

Visiting by Water

You will pass buoy S256 at mile 211.5 and just over a half mile ahead, the river will go to starboard.  The channel through the curve is marked by S254 and S253 followed quickly by S252 and S251.

As you clear the turn begin to look for day marker S249 marking the beginning of a short section where the channel winds its way past a few hazards, S248 and day mark S246 mark a small island to port and then S244 and S243 set course to avoid the small rock island to starboard.